Kurry Qulture is a seasonal Indian restaurant located right in the heart of Astoria. Kurry Qulture's seasonal menu masterfully blends fresh Indian and local produce delivered in a casual, trendy ambiance.

Kurry Qulture brings to Queens the nostalgia of the “tandoor oven”, or the clay oven, which is a traditional staple in household kitchens across the Indian subcontinent. Kurry Qulture's tandoor oven delivers unparalleled flavor in breads and meats, refining the culinary experience of “authentic” Indian cuisine.

Pair our delectable dishes with your selection from Kurry Qulture's signature cocktails or craft beer/wine list or allow our experienced and knowledgeable staff to curate your evening with a recommendation. Whether it be a drink at our full service bar to warm you this winter, a private dinner for two, or a gala event, Kurry Qulture’s delights await your arrival. Come home to an Indian affair.


Executive Chef

Binder Saini has been appointed as the Executive Chef of Kurry Qulture, his first opportunity leading a kitchen and its cuisine development.

Originally seeing himself working as an actor and dancer in the moviemaking and entertainment industry, Binder's early involvement in the restaurants ignited a curiosity for food. It was his "lightbulb" moment. Before he learned to cook, he watched the celebrity chefs on the various food television networks and their techniques in creating food as both art and sustenance.

Then, under the guidance of avant-garde Indian chefs at Boston's Saffron and New York City's Amma, Binder saw himself learning from true masters and their artist approach to the menu, the playful with flavors, the presentation style, each bursting with creativity.

"I saw right before my eyes how authentic Indian cuisine could be reimagined to a gourmet level, into true works of art," said Binder when asked about his early mentors. Before joining Kurry Qulture, Binder has worked in some of the most notable Indian restaurant, namely Tulsi, Utsav, Amma, Saffron, Dawat and Bukhara Grill.

With Kurry Qulture, my goal is to introduce Indian cuisine to a new generation, and challenge what Indian food could be. "A visit to Kurry Qulture is like a food tour of India; it's not just hot and spicy, you'll discover new flavor palettes from all parts of the motherland, from the coast to the northern regions. At Kurry Qulture, I've been given the freedom to create food I've only dreamt of, to bring unique combinations of fresh vegetables, spices and authentic ingredients to the plate of every guest."

Binder was born in Punjab India, educated in Dubai and is now a resident of Elmhurst, Queens and loves the energy and vitality of New York City. "The nightlife, the music and sounds of the city, the restaurants, New York City is alive with food from every corner of the globe, a 'world on a plate' and the best place to be if you're a chef like me."